[tn-moths] Re: FOY for Cocke Co

  • From: Hugh McGuinness <hmcguinness@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 15:57:56 -0400

Hi Jean,

Yes, I think this is also Acronicta dactylina, but I could be convinced
otherwise--these Acronicta a very tough, especially from photos. It is not
grisea, which is dark gray, has a strong basal dash and a good anal dash, an
orbicular spot that is nearly obsolescent and a dark pm line. If you kept
the specimen, you can check the hindwing, which should be whitish in


On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 9:17 PM, Jean Obrist <innisfreehorses@xxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

>  0992 Ethmia zelleriella, Zeller's Ethmia Moth, 4/21
> Hodges 09696 Condica vecors Dusky Groundling Moth, 4/19
> Hodges 09212 Acronicta grisea Gray Dagger Moth 4/20  *(there is a question
> about this one.... too far south? Pic attached.  Comments welcome.)*
> 7827 Amorpha juglandis, Walnut Sphinx 4/20
> Hodges 06734 Euchlaena marginaria .Ochre Euchlaena 4/19
> Hodges 06828 Metarranthis homuraria Purplish Metarranthis Moth
> Hodges 09057 Homophoberia apicosa Black Wedge-spot Moth  (Thank you, Hugh)
> 4/19
> We're getting some good ones.
> Jean Obrist
> Cocke Co, TN

Hugh McGuinness
The Ross School
18 Goodfriend Drive
East Hampton, NY 11937

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