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  • Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 01:30:33 -0400


I think you've got a Goldenrod Stowaway, Cirrhophanus triangulifer (Hodges 

Compare with photos here: 

- Doug
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  From: Bart Jones 
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  Subject: [TN-Butterflies] Unknown moth

  Hi everyone,
  Normally I don't pay a lot of attention to moths (I'll turn to them when I 
feel I've got the butterflies mastered), but occasionally one will catch my 
attention because of its striking markings and/or coloration.  Saturday while 
helping my nephew with a leaf collection for school in Decatur County, we came 
upon this moth.  It was the most beautiful butterscotch and praline color you 
could imagine.  I have no idea where to even begin to ID this.  I did peruse 
the Dalton State site, but really couldn't find anything that looked like it.  
Any help would be appreciated, just to satisfy my curiosity.
  Bart Jones
  Memphis, Shelby County

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