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  • Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 22:04:36 EDT

I'd like to announce a new list-serv dedicated to Tennessee  Odonata. 
The address is _tn-dragonflies@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
(mailto:tn-dragonflies@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)    It's a place to share sightings of, 
and discussions about, our 
dragonflies and  damselflies. The interest in this insect group seems to be 
growing,  and many of you out looking at birds and 'Leps get distracted by 
and  fascinated by the "dragons and damsels" and want to learn more. Several 
folks  have expressed interest in such a dedicated list, so I invite you to 
join.  Beginners are most welcome, and would probably benefit most from this  
group. There is already a region-wide list called SE-Odonata that I would  
encourage members to join them also.
TN-Dragonflies has just gotten off the ground and some details  are yet to 
be worked out, but it will operate like other lists you are  familiar with, 
so hop in if interested.
You can subscribe by sending email to:
(mailto:tn-dragonflies-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)   with 'subscribe' in the Subject 
field, or by visiting 
(http://www.freelists.org/list/tn-dragonflies) ,   or I can place you on the 
mailing list if you let me know.   
As with other lists, photos can attached and shared with members. Most  
photos should be less than 1mb, re-sized so they are not too small, not too  
large, aprox. 700 x 500 pixels etc. 

Other resources- books and web sites etc. can be suggested as we go  along.

Richard Connors 

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