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Thanks for sharing this, Larry. This will certainly be a great resource for 
IDing TN moths.

I hope you plan on submitting these to BAMONA. There are only 5 moth records 
listed for Washington Co. and none for Sullivan.

Ken Childs
Henderson, TN
Chester County


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> Subject: [TN-Butterflies] Moth photo collection for northeast TN
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> Date: Saturday, October 24, 2009, 10:10 AM
> I have just updated my Flickr Moth photo collection. I
> haven't done anything with it since last May. I added
> many pictures. There are now about 230 species of moths that
> I have photographed and have identified (to the best of my
> ability). They have all come from Washington and Sullivan
> Counties in northeast TN. They include a reference #
> (Hodges), common name, scientific name, date taken, earliest
> date seen, different months seen, and location (WCT =
> Washington County TN; SCP = Steele Creek Park in Sullivan
> County). Most of the WCT pictures came from my back porch in
> Johnson City.
> I believe this collection could be helpful as a tool for
> identifying moths, especially locally. I welcome questions,
> corrections or comments.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/27634081@N06/sets/72157608707935389/ ;
> Larry McDaniel
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