[TN-Butterflies] Lower Hatchie Count Report (and FOY for Lauderdale Co)

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Hello Folks,
Here is the report from Saturday's count along the Lower Hatchie.  It was an 
amazing butterfly day, with dozens and hundreds of several species seen.  The 
fields around the meeting place (Woodard's Store) and around Sunk Lake State 
Natural Area produced an abundance of Sulphur species, including an incredible 
212 Dainty Sulphurs.  Little Yellows (127) and Southern Dogfaces (62) also 
appeared in notable numbers.  Additionally, 62 Common Sootywings were observed. 
 When we got to Anderson-Tully State Wildlife Management Area the numbers 
changed to favor species such as the Emperors, Anglewings, and Red-spotted 
Purples.  The density was so great that it was very difficult to count in some 
areas and forced us to skip several areas that we normally visit due to lack of 
time.  Hackberry Emperors (699) and Tawny Emperors (296) almost became pests at 
times.  On one occasion, 16 were spotted on me!  Red-spotted Purples were also 
superabundant with 211 seen.  If given more observers and time to have covered 
the area of the WMA that we normally do, we would have gotten thousands of 
Emperors as the counts reported are conservative numbers.  And for the third 
time this count season, a Funereal Duskywing was seen along the banks of Cane 
Creek under the Hwy. 87 bridge.  Looks like we can now consider Funereals to be 
resident.  Final tallies:  43 species and 3012 individuals.
Bart Jones
Memphis, Shelby County
PS - As far as I know, all species listed are FOY for Lauderdale County

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Here's the count report that you have submitted on 8/1/2010.

Region 13 
Appalachians (KY, TN, WV)
William Haley, Regional Editor

1. Lower Hatchie, TN. Yr. 3, 35.65°, -89.7667°, center at jct. of Peters Rd. 
and State Hwy. 87, 9 miles W of Henning, Lauderdale Co. 31 July 2010; 0930-1730 
hrs; sun AM 76-100%, PM 76-100%; 87-93°F; wind 0-5 mi/hr. 4 observers in 1 
party. Total party-hours 8; total party-miles on foot 3. Observers: K. Branum, 
Bart Jones (2047 Higbee Ave., Memphis, TN, 38104; bjones7777@xxxxxxxxxxx), C. 
Justis, A. Trently. 
    Pipevine Swallowtail 6, Zebra Sw. 11, Black Sw. 2, E. Tiger Sw. 76, 
Spicebush Sw. 65, Checkered White 1, Cabbage Wh. 3, Orange Sulphur 16, S. 
Dogface 62, Cloudless Su. 118, Little Yellow 127, Sleepy Orange 68, 1Dainty Su. 
212, Gray Hairstreak 5, E. Tailed-Blue 358, 'Summer' Spring Azure 9, Am. Snout 
106, Gulf Fritillary 1, Variegated Fr. 4, Silvery Checkerspot 15, Pearl 
Crescent 106, Question Mark 69, E. Comma 17, Painted Lady 1, Red Admiral 4, 
Com. Buckeye 67, 2Red-spotted Purple 211, Viceroy 34, 3Hackberry Emperor 699, 
4Tawny Em. 296, Creole Pearly-eye 5, Carolina Satyr 1, Monarch 1, 
Silver-spotted Skipper 58, Horace's Duskywing 6, 5Funereal Du. 1, Com. 
Checkered-Sk. 22, Com. Sootywing 62, Clouded Sk. 2, Least Sk. 16, Fiery Sk. 33, 
Sachem 1, Dun Sk. 2. Unidentified: Swallowtail sp. 8, Hairstreak sp. 1, 
Anglewing sp. 21, Fritillary sp. 1, Satyr sp. 1, Pearly-eye sp. 1. Total 43 
species, 3012 individuals. Field Notes: Butterfly density was so great that 
several sites normally visited had to be skipped due to lack of time.1High 
number for an uncommon species in this area 2High number 3High number 4High 
number 55th confirmed state record, 3rd in 2010. 


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