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Hello, everyone,

Here are the results from the LBL South Butterfly Count on June 9. No big
surprises, but the Dion Skipper was a nice find. Seeing an Appalachian
Brown lay an egg was a new experience for me. I saw the egg, just laid, on
top of a sedge blade. When I went closer to look at it and take a photo,
the egg had fallen off of the blade. Appalachian Brown eggs are reportedly
dropped near the hostplant, but it was interesting to me that this was
placed on the plant first before it fell off.

Many thanks to Donna Ward, Brooke Gilley, and Shannon Brockway for the team
effort on this count. Also many thanks to the person who made brownies and
shared some with us when we were at our hottest and dustiest.

Rita Venable, Franklin, TN

*Region 13
Appalachians (KY, TN, WV)*
*William Haley, Regional Editor*
*1. Land Between The Lakes South, TN.* Yr. 5, 36.6058°, -87.9407°, center
at jct. of Neville Bay Rd. and The Trace, Stewart Co. See 2007 report for
habitats. Habitat changes since last year: Homeplace field mowed day before
the count. *09 June 2012;* 0900-1600 hrs; sun AM 76-100%, PM 51-75%;
72-88°F; wind 0-5 mi/hr. 4 observers in 1 party. *Total party-hours* 7; *total
party-miles on foot* 3. *Observers: * S. Brockway, B. Gilley, Rita Venable
(210 Scurlock Court, Franklin, TN, 37067; rita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx), D. Ward.
    Pipevine Swallowtail 3, Zebra Sw. 1, Black Sw. 1, E. Tiger Sw. 5,
Spicebush Sw. 1, Cabbage White 2, Orange Sulphur 4, S. Dogface 3, Cloudless
Su. 2, Little Yellow 1, Dainty Su. 5, E. Tailed-Blue 28, 'Summer' Spring
Azure 5, Am. Snout 3, Gr. Spangled Fritillary 4, Silvery Checkerspot 1,
Pearl Crescent 26, Question Mark 2, Red Admiral 1, Com. Buckeye 3,
Red-spotted Purple 2, Viceroy 1, Tawny Emperor 1, Appalachian Brown 1,
Carolina Satyr 1, Little Wood-Sa. 2, Silver-spotted Skipper 1, N.
Cloudywing 1, Horace's Duskywing 3, Wild Indigo Du. 5, Least Sk. 3, Fiery
Sk. 9, N. Broken-Dash 2, Sachem 2, Dion Sk. 1. *Unidentified:* Crescent sp.
2, Duskywing sp. 2, Grass skipper sp. 1, Anglewing sp. 2, Swallowtail sp.
4, Sulphur sp. 1, Satyr sp. 2. *Total* 35 species, 150 individuals. *Immatures:
* Dainty Su. 1 egg; Appalachian Brown 1 egg on sedge blade, top
side.*Field Notes:
*Very dry in previous weeks. Low humidity. In the afternoon, we observed an
Appalachian Brown lay an egg on top of a sedge blade. The egg soon fell off
of the blade to the ground below.

Rita Venable
See *Butterflies of Tennessee* @

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