[TN-Butterflies] Re: Fentress Co. Meadow Frit. BAMONA

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We do have some storage space for TN-Butterflies so as long as most members are 
using a photo sharing site, if we get a few attachments it won't cause a 
problem. It was the large number of BAMONA record photos that was causing the 

Ken Childs
Henderson, TN
Chester County


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Subject: [TN-Butterflies] Re: Fentress Co. Meadow Frit. BAMONA

I've been sending my photos as attachments, but will stop if it uses up space 
the Archives. I guess I was sending attachments because I don't have a website 
where mine can be viewed. I usually shoot in high res, so to post them online 
(so it doesn't take forever to load them), I have to downsize them 
which takes too much time unless see something unusual, funny, etc. Then I 
watermark everything I put online, which takes more time.

I just read people's posts mainly. If I see a species on there that I would 
really like to see for myself, I don't really need a photo, but date, time and 
location. If I know that the species is flying, I can look for it myself in the 

I think it is an individual choice if someone wants to send their photos just 
the BAMONA administrator for verification of a county record or to the TN-Butt 
group as a whole. Some may feel that they are new to butterflying and don't 
their opinions scrutinized as to what the species is.  BAMONA and 
are really two separate entities with overlapping interests.

I actually have learned quite a few good tips on here. I hope those who are 
comfortable with sharing photos and expertise will continue to take time to do 
so. I like hearing the news and seeing field trip reports about who is seeing 
what and where. I will do the same if I think it is something of interest to 

Rita Venable, Franklin, TN
Williamson Co.

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 10:04 PM, kjchilds <kjchilds@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>We used to post links to our photos stored on various photo sharing sites but 
>some of those sites have restrictions that don't allow visitors to download 
>photos. Since Steve needs copies of the photos, we need to send them directly 
>him. If we send them as attachments to the group, the allotted storage on 
>Freelists gets used up and then the archives stops storing our posts. 
>I will gladly send you copies of my BAMONA shots but most of them are 
>poor quality and are just good enough for an ID. You should be able to find 
>better photos of the species mentioned here in the field guides or on many 
>different web sites.
> Ken Childs
>Henderson, TN
>Chester County
From: Michael Lee Bierly <mlbierly@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [TN-Butterflies] Re: Fentress Co. Meadow Frit. BAMONA
>I just don't understand why the whole group  cannot see the photos. I have 
>seen a Meadow Fritillary. Others may have  not also. This is all this site has 
>become, send to Steve Stedman. Even Ken  Childs who is the administrator of 
>site is doing this. I haven't seen a  Common Wood-Nymph. This is not right. 
>stated purpose of this site is, "...A  place to share sightings, photography, 
>questions, stories, etc." Photos  whether rare or common should be enjoyed by 
>the whole group. Records photos must  be available to all to review at any 
>NOT one person. That is just  science.
>Michael Lee Bierly, Nashville, Davidson  County, TN.
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>>Oct. 5, 2010  Alvin York SHP, Fentress County TN
>>This is the farthest west in TN I have seen Meadow Fritillary. I looked    at 
>>BAMONA and there is record from Clay Co., just west of Fentress. Glassburg    
>>says they seem to be expanding their range in the southeast. I'm hoping to 
>>one even closer to home before too long. 
>>Photo sent to Steve S.
>>Richard Connors


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