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After sending my message about caterpillars found during our Tennessee River 
Gorge fall butterfly count, I realized I probably didn't post our results! It 
was a good day in the field, with lots of individuals seen.


Bill Haley

Chattanooga, TN



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Here's the count report that you have submitted on 8/31/2009.

Region 13 
Appalachians (KY, TN, WV)
Rita Venable and William Haley, Regional Editors

1. Tennessee River Gorge, TN. Yr. 3, 35°07'N, 85°24'W, center at Suck Creek 
Bridge on Hwy. 27. See 1995 report for habitats. 29 August 2009; 1000-1830 hrs; 
sun AM 51-75%, PM 51-75%; 71-84°F; wind 2-5 mi/hr. 9 observers in 2 parties. 
Total party-hours 16; total party-miles on foot 3. Observers: H. Birch, J. 
Gregory, William Haley, Jr. (215 McFarland Ave., Chattanooga, TN, 37405; 
wgh@xxxxxxxxxx), M. Randles, D. Spicer, S. Spicer, J. Taylor, N. Williams, L. 
    Pipevine Swallowtail 15, E. Tiger Sw. 17, Spicebush Sw. 9, Orange Sulphur 
2, Cloudless Su. 198, Sleepy Orange 15, Gray Hairstreak 19, E. Tailed-Blue 193, 
'Summer' Spring Azure 19, Am. Snout 12, Gulf Fritillary 13, Variegated Fr. 25, 
1Diana Fr. 7, Gr. Spangled Fr. 13, Pearl Crescent 90, Question Mark 4, E. Comma 
1, Com. Buckeye 120, Red-spotted Purple 16, Hackberry Emperor 81, Tawny Em. 96, 
Creole Pearly-eye 2, Gemmed Satyr 4, Carolina Sa. 132, Com. Wood-Nymph 3, 
Monarch 12, Silver-spotted Skipper 23, Hoary Edge 2, Horace's Duskywing 2, 
Clouded Sk. 25, Least Sk. 8, Fiery Sk. 19, Tawny-edged Sk. 3, Crossline Sk. 5, 
S. Broken-Dash 3, N. Broken-Da. 1, Little Glassywing 4, Sachem 185, Delaware 
Sk. 2, Zabulon Sk. 13, Dun Sk. 18, Lace-winged Roadside-Sk. 2, Ocola Sk. 2. 
Total 43 species, 1435 individuals. Field Notes: Two days of rain preceeding 
count day resulted in many freshly-emerged adults. Totals of individuals were 
the best of any of our counts in 2009.1All Diana Fritillary seen were females. 


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