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There has been a single GWHE feeding on the lower pond at Baylor School here in 
Chattanooga for about two weeks. I have observed the bird on three occasions. 

Warm regards, 

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Slight correction. It was on the 4th not the 3rd of this month that I saw it. 

Ben Mooney 
Blount co 
On Jul 17, 2011 9:48 AM, "Ben M." < benmooney@xxxxxxxxxxx > wrote: 
> Whether it was great blue white morph or not I dont know but I saw one out 
> on my families farm in corryton (knox co) on the 3rd of this month. I didnt 
> think much of it because I have seen them from time to time over years back 
> on our pond. I have pictures somewhere from 98 I believe of about 5 or so 
> in one tree. 
> As to the one on the 3rd I was not birding and just happen to see it flying 
> off from the pond area. 
> Ben Mooney 
> Maryville, TN 
> Blount co. 
> On Jul 16, 2011 6:23 PM, "Richard Knight" < rknight8@xxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote: 
>> 16 July 2011 
>> Nolichucky River, Unicoi Co (but near Washington Co. line), TN 
>> Great White Heron - 1 
>> Found today by Don Holt, seen & photographed by several others. 
>> Typically thought of as a resident of South Florida, this sub-species 
>> of the Great Blue Heron has now been reported in Tenn. at least NINE 
>> times! Some authorities think it warrants full species status, as it once 
> did. 
>> This is the 7th record in NE Tenn since 1990, although some may 
>> involve returning birds. The earlier sightings were at South Holston Lake 
>> and on the South Holston River, as well as on the Watauga River. 
>> Other Tenn records come from the Caney Fork River (Putnam & DeKalb 
>> Cos.) in fall 2002 and from the Little River (Blount Co.) in winter 
> 2006-2007. 
>> All of these sites have rocky shores & cool water in common, conditions 
>> a Great White is unlikely to find in South Florida. 
>> ############## 
>> Rick Knight 
>> Johnson City, TN 

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