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A couple of minor additions to the House Wren thread:
Barb and I have conducted a 500-point survey of birds in Putnam Co.
during late May and June every five years since 1991.  In 1991 we
counted 20 HOWRs on the 500 points; in 1996 we counted 21 HOWRs; in 2001
we counted 35 HOWRs; this year we have completed about 400 of the 500
points and have already counted 70 HOWRs (i.e., they have at least
doubled in population during the last five years).
We moved into our current home southeast of Cookeville in 1989. During
the first decade we lived in the house, we had only a single nesting of
HOWR in the yard during only one of those years; beginning about 7 years
ago, they have become more annual and now we have two nesting pairs in
the yard, and more singers hearable in the distance in other yards.
Steve Stedman
Cookeville, TN
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