[TN-Bird] mid-Tenn sightings on 2-4

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The Blue Goose and Ross's Goose were still present at the south parking lot 
ponds at MTSU.
No luck with the Merlin at Anderson Road Recreation Area, J Percy Priest 
Reservoir (second try)

Today at the lake in Shelby Bottoms, Nashville, no sign of the Cackling Geese.  
Wild waterfowl noted were one juvenile Snow Goose, one Hooded Merganser, one 
Green-winged Teal, 10 Northern Shovelers, and 5 Lesser Scaup. 

Very low numbers of ducks were seen at Radnor Lake - there were small numbers 
of Ring-necked Ducks, Lesser Scaup, a few Gadwall, Buffleheads, and Mallards.


Terry Witt
Murfreesboro Tn 

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