[TN-Bird] hotels for spring TOS meeting

  • From: Robin Barrow <braveladyrobin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: TN-Bird <tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 12:37:06 -0400

Dear TOS,
Our block of rooms at the Super-8 is now filled. Many of the nearby hotels
are also filled or filling quickly due to the car show that weekend.

I've reserved a new block for us at the Econolodge, 7424 Strawberry Plains
Pk (865-932-1217). Mention TOS to get a rate of 85.99. They have rooms with
1 king or 2 queens. All rooms have microwaves and little refrigerators, the
hotel has free WiFi, and they offer a big complimentary daily breakfast
buffet. Make your reservation by April 15. They only have about 15 rooms
left total, so they may fill up by April 7.

Here are some other nearby hotels:

Motel 6, 1550 Cracker Barrell Lane (865-633-6646): 65.99, or 62.99 through
La Quinta, 7210 Saddle Rack St (865-633-5100): 99-129 on www.LQ.com
Best Western, 7260 Saddlerack Street (865-246-1930): starting at 119.99
Fairfield Inn by Marriott, 1551 Cracker Barrel Lane (865-971-4033): 119,
129, and 139.
Quality Inn, 7471 Crosswood Blvd (865-342-0003): 1 room only left, smoking,
king bed. 89.99.
Country Inns and Suites, 7525 Crosswood Blvd: No rooms left.
Ramada, 722 Brakebill Rd: No rooms left.

If you would like advice on hotels farther out, please feel free to contact
me. If you already have a reservation at Super-8 and you decide to cancel,
please contact me first so that perhaps we can change your reservation to
someone else instead of letting it go back into the general pool.

In happier news, the list of field trips is now finalized and available
here: http://www.tnbirds.org/Events/Springmtg10-fieldtrips.html

Robin Barrow
Knoxville TOS

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