[TN-Bird] henslow's sparrow in dekalb county; canada warbler in cumberland county; etc.

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 08:52:33 -0500

While looking for Loggerhead Shrikes and Dickcissels yesterday (27 June
2006) on County House Rd., DeKalb Co., Carol Williams and I found a
singing Henslow's Sparrow, probably the first record for that county and
one of few breeding season records for Upper Cumberland counties in
County House Rd. is a semi-circle-type road near Shining Rock, which is
south of Smithville on Rt. 56; County House Rd. is on the east side of
Rt. 56; it crosses Pine Creek and comes into Rt. 56 both north and south
of the creek.  Older DeLorme atlases show it as two dead-end roads that
do not cross the creek, but now it does.
Jospeh and Anita Mast recently (24 June 2006) visited Dorton Knob (at
the southern end of Brady Mountain, along Cumberland Trail State Park)
in Cumberland County and found a singing Canada Warbler there, along
with Chestnut-sided Warblers and Veeries.  I believe theirs is the first
breeding season record of CAWA for that county.
Directions to Dorton Knob are posted at this page of my website:
Steve Stedman
Cookeville, TN
Results of the 2006 Summer Roadside Survey of birds in Putnam County are
accessible via links at this page of my website:
Results of 2006 Breeding Bird Surveys in the Big South Fork NRRA are
accessible via links at this page of my website:
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