[TN-Bird] cookeville cbc (dec. 18) and those swans

  • From: "Stephen Stedman" <SStedman@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 09:40:24 -0600

The Cookeville CBC yesterday went off with many hitches supplied by the
weather.  Despite these minor meteorological problems, all eight field
parties experienced collision-less driving and some really good birding.
The result was an all-time high species total for the Cookeville CBC--96
species plus at least 2 count week species.

The swans on City Lake, considered to be Trumpeter Swans (a new county
species) by two knowledgeable persons (Dan Combs, waterfowl specialist
in Tech Biology Dept., and Dave Roemer, Kentucky's leading birder), have
remained and were one of the highlights of the count.  For Barb and me,
they also became our 192nd "yard" species and offer daily delight.

Other CBC highlights from the Cookeville count include Merlin (Ed
LeGrand and Dan Combs), Barn Owl (Ric Finch, who viewed the bird perched
on a fence post at 15 feet near dusk), FOUR Loggerhead Shrikes found by
three parties (best total number of shrikes in over a decade), five
Brown-headed Nuthatches (Winston Walden and party at the now traditional
site in Cookeville), Gray Catbird (Wally Brines in the White County part
of the count circle), and Pine Siskin.

The DeKalb County CBC is this Monday, followed by Crossville on Dec. 23,
White County on Dec. 27, and Clay County on Dec. 29.  Also hoping to get
in a CBC in Warren County before the end of the count period.

Good bird counting, Steve Stedman
Cookeville, TN
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