[TN-Bird] Re: Yellow-rumped Warbler at top of Roan MT

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Rob Biller and Allan Trently,

I checked the location you reported for the Yellow-rumped Warbler and the 
coordinates put it about 4,680 feet SW of the Tennessee state line and spots 
it in the far loop in Mitchell County, NC.   The elevation on my map program 
came up dead on the 6099 feet elevation your GPS unit determined.  Your bird 
was a nice observation.

Let's go birding......

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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Hello Tennessee and Bristol Area Birders,

Yesterday (6/25/06) a group from the Southern Appalachian Highland 
Conservancy(SAHC) were walking with Ed Schell around the Gardens Loop Rd on 
top of Roan MT when a Yellow-rumped Warbler started singing.  The group 
consisted of Nora Schubert, Allan Trently, Ed Schell, Anne-Marie Schell, a 
member of SAHC I can't remember, and myself.  We had good looks at the 
Yellow-rumped Warbler.  We were at the parking area, past the midway point 
on the Loop Rd.  On the one way Loop Rd it was on the right side (same side 
as the parking area).  While we were looking at the bird, it flew across the 
road and another bird quickly followed behind it.  It looked the same size 
and the flight pattern was similar.  That was all the look we had at the 
second bird, but it looked probable for a second Yellow-rumped Warbler. 
Allan got a GPS reading where the bird was found.  N 82 05' 46.26" W 82 08' 
22.56" (in decimal degrees it is N 36.0961 W 82.1396.  The elevation read 
~6099 feet.  We were unsure where the state line crossed the mountain.  We 
*think* we were in Mitchell County, NC when we first saw the bird and it 
flew in the direction of Carter County, TN.

Other birds identified on this hike: (Cloudland Trail - mainly Mitchell 
County, NC)

Golden-crowned Kinglet
possible Hermit Thrush (but only heard it once and couldn't make a positive 
Dark-eyed Junco
Chestnut-sided Warbler

Also of note, we had many national and state endangered or state concerned 
plants identified.

Spreading Avens
Roan MT Bluets
Graze Lily
Frasier Fir (it's on the list)
Mini bush (state concerned - I believe on both Tennessee and North Carolina 

Again, the plants/trees were mainly in Mitchell County, North Carolina (at 
the very top of Roan).  There was a Graze Lily found blooming just below 
Carver's Gap off the main road in Tennessee (Carter County).

After we left Roan Mountain, Allan and I traveled to Little Wilbur area 
where we found Buckleya (Pirate Bush / Sapsuck) which is on the Tennessee 
special concern list.  It was found behind the Old Horseshoe Freewill 
Baptist Church near the Hemlock trees which it has a symbiotic relationship 
with.  The GPS coords are: N 36 20' 20.46" W 82 07' 08.58" (Decimal degrees: 
N 36.3390 W 82.1190)

Rob Biller
Elizabethton, TN
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