[TN-Bird] Yellow-headed Blackbird in Vonore, Monroe County, July 3, 2014

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Yellow-headed Blackbird in Vonore, Monroe County, July 3, 2014

Dave Langner and his wife Bonnie, who live in Vonore, Monroe County, emailed me 2 photos of a yellow-headed blackbird visiting a feeder hanging from an arbor in their backyard on July 3. The two photos, taken with a cell phone from a distance, are attached. I’m sending them exactly as I received them as some of you may do better enlarging the bird than I did. The Langners described the bird to me as a black bird with a yellow head and white wing patches. They used a field guide to figure out what it was. They have not seen the bird again since July 3 but they have not gone out and looked around elsewhere in their community which has three ponds and thus possibly some good wetland habitat in a nearby subdivision. I have not gone down there but someone might want to go birding in Vonore and look around the wetland pond areas and elsewhere as the bird could possibly still be hanging around. Driving South on Hwy 411 from Maryville turn left onto Niles Ferry Road after passing Depot Street in Vonore. To reach the area where the bird was originally sighted turn left onto Meadow Lane and go to the hilltop section of South Rolling Ridge Lane. The people who sighted the bird do not want anyone coming to their yard, door etc. unannounced. Contact me if you wish to contact them. To explore the pond area continue past Meadow Lane and take the next right off of Niles Ferry into Lakeview Farms Subdivision. There are ponds on either side of the entrance road and a third pond in the back part of the subdivision. Several years ago another reader of my bird column reported a yellow-headed blackbird but there was no photo and no one could ever relocate the bird although several people tried.

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