[TN-Bird] Yard and Other Observations

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 21:38:15 -0400

A Swainson Thrush on September 19 was checking out my feeders to see what
all the excitement was among the Chick-a-dees and Titmice seemingly.  It was
in a peachtree where warblers, hummers, and other insect seeking birds land
frequently.. however it was not feeding nor did it seem interested in doing

A Coopers Hawk (was probably) checked out my feeders on August 27 where many
birds had just started their mid-morning feeding...needless to say after the
song birds did a fast rush from the area, there was quiet for some time for
the big bird landed in the grassy area of the yard. Walking a brief
distance,  stretching its neck slightly seemingly hoping to see a bird not
too well hidden, it then flew up low on a bare branch in one of the very
tall ash trees.  The hawk changed positions in the tree a couple of times
but then having no luck at all it slowly flew away across a field toward
another row of trees.  Now I should have consulted with one of the local
knowledgeable birders immediately on the Coppers for I am always insecure in
making an absolute identification.

Last week, September 17th, while in a suburb of Atlanta (Northsprings) at
Pike's Nursery, I heard a hawk-like scream and when I looked up there were
several vultures flying around.  I looked for the hawk but not seeing one, I
continued my shopping at Pike's. One thing I noticed, however, was a very
white  spot on the "vulture's" underwing. Now when I am looking again at a
picture of the Coopers in the Peterson Field Guide (Hawks), I find the
immature Golden Eagle has that white shape in its wing. The white spot on
the underside of the "vulture" wing was something that puzzled me...the
white area on the wing was inside the feathers... but I had yard work to do!
But now back in Buladean I am wondering??   Could at least one of those
birds have been an eagle???  The white underwing spot really stood out
inside the feathers not on the edges like the Black Vulture!!!!!  And do
Golden Eagles scream!

Tess Cumbie
Herndon Birding Club
Mitchell County,  North Carolina

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