[TN-Bird] Woods Reservoir Western/Clark's Grebe

  • From: "Tommie Rogers" <sundragon1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <TN-Bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 14:07:19 -0500

Yesterday afternoon, I finally located the dam of Woods Reservoir.  While
looking for the Eared Grebe, I kept seeing a white neck which I assumed was
a loon.  However, scoping it I saw a Western/Clark's Grebe.  My first
thought was Clark's because of the white face, white sides or flanks, and
the bright lemon yellow bill.  My first glimpse, I thought I saw the red eye
against the white face, but I could never see it well enough again to be
positive.   I kept watching to get a better look of the eye area.  It was
all downhill from that point.  The grebe moved further away and behind trees
before a boat came directly toward the location of the grebe.  I looked for
it another hour but couldn't relocate it.

The Eared Grebe was bouncing around the rough water off to the right side of
the dam.  Loons were just too far away for me to find a smaller one.  

On Hap Arnold Road, there was a flock of nine Fox Sparrows.


Tommie Rogers

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