[TN-Bird] Re: Winter Tanager - Clarksville, Montgomery County (update)

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Nita Heilman previously reported a tanager this winter at her feeder in
Clarksville, Montgomery County. Listed are dates it was seen. Images are at
57755_qnLMS. Chris Sloan and others see no reason that it is not a Summer
Tanager. Note that this individual survived one of the coldest January's on
record. John Robinson in his, An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of
Tennessee (1990), lists four winter records (Knoxville, Murfreesboro, Shelby
County, and Memphis). There may be others since this publication.
*       Dec. 31, 2009   12:30pm and 3pm   light rain/snow mix  came to
feeder with flock of goldfinches, on seed block, birdbath
*       Jan. 8, 2010      1:15pm    cold/light snow  16 degrees  WCI 5
degrees   again with house/goldfinches
*       Jan. 21, 2010     4pm.   between snow storms
*       Jan.22, 2010     11:35 am    flat feeder and on ground
*       Jan. 25,2010      11:55am     under camper/ mixed seed on ground
light snow

"After the brief view 1-25, I never saw the bird again. Jan 28--30 I was at
church nonstop with Room in the Inn during the big snowstorm. I watched
almost all day Sun Jan 31, but never saw the bird."
Michael Lee Bierly, Nashville, Davidson County, TN.

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