[TN-Bird] White Pelicans, Rough-winged Swallow - Sumner and Davidson Co.

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Old Hickory Lake in Davidson and Sumner counties
clay target club in Davidson  Co.        
With this balmy weather, I decided to check out Old Hickory Lake  today.  
Starting at Snow Bunting Peninsula across from the dam off  Burnett Rd. in 
Davidson Co., there were 3 BONAPARTE'S GULLS among the 1000+  Ring-billed 
Other species there included Horned Grebe, Pied-billed  Grebe, lots of coots, 
Bufflehead, Mallard, Ruddy Duck, Canada Goose, Bufflehead,  Lesser Scaup, and 
Killdeer.  Just below the dam, I walked the nature  trail and had 11 PINE 
WARBLERS and 2 CHIPPING SPARROWS all singing, which gave a  good song 
Driving down Sanders Ferry Rd. in Sumner Co., I spotted a heronry on an  
island in Drakes Creek near Drakes Creek Marina.  While counting all of the  
and birds, I suddenly noticed there were 3 AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS in the  
water just below the heronry.  Distracted by the herons and an interested  
passerby, I counted approximately 176 nests, with 120 Great Blue Herons and  66 
Double-crested Cormorants either on the nests or nearby.  In Sanders  Ferry 
there is another island off of Shelter #8 which had 2 nests and 1  GBHE.  At 
lock 3 access off of Walton Ferry Rd., another island had 23  nests but no 
birds.  I was surprised that there were no loons today at  Old Hickory Lake.   
On my way home I stopped off at Cleeces Ferry Rd. but the Whooping Cranes  
were NOT there.  I don't think they've been seen for over a week now.   I 
checked out another GBHE rookery off of Briley Pkwy along the Cumberland  
This is best seen from the clay target club off of Hospital  Rd.  With the 
afternoon sun in my eyes, and shot gun blasts going off, I  counted 60 nests 
and 78 
GBHE.  There was also 1 Red-tailed Hawk nest just  above the heronry, with 
one on the nest and another nearby.  As I was  leaving, a lone ROUGH-WINGED 
SWALLOW flew over and called.  This is an  early date for the Nashville Area 
that species.  The previous date was  March 13, 2003 I believe.  
It was a great day to be out.
Jan Shaw
Nashville, TN

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