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July 29 - Aug. 1
Shelby Co. TN
If you were out Thursday night in Memphis you might have heard a Whooshing  
sound, shorebirds picking up and heading south. On Thursday afternoon, I 
had  shorebirds stacked up with over 2500 to 2800 counted at the "Pits" and 
the north  treatment plant. Checking at the North Treatment plant for the 
Wilson's  Phalarope Friday, which was resting and getting ready to check out, I 
found  almost no birds and rushed south to the "Pits" and found the flats  
almost swept clean. The birds had moved out over night and it was  Sunday 
before any reasonable numbers came in from the north. Western Sandpiper  
numbers had really fallen and only 4 could be found over the weekend. 
On Sunday, and I might say right on time, I found my first of season,  
bright red, neat Least Sandpiper. Water will be the key to keeping any numbers  
around here this season. With the Mississippi River up high covering the  
sandbars and no rain, the birds are just passing straight through.
New photos added, starting at: 
Good Birding  !!!
Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135
What is this feathered thing that  lifts my heart to the heavens.

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