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Hi Folks:

It's that time of year again when one of Nature's great migrations is taking 
place along the mountain ridges of our area. 

The Mendota Hawk Watch, sponsored by the Bristol Bird Club, takes place at 
the old Mendota fire tower. The tower sits atop the Clinch Mountain three miles 
north-northeast of Mendota, Va.

We plan to begin the count on September 10, and hopefully keep it going until 
the end of September, or when we run out of volunteers. I will be 
coordinating and posting the count as usual, but volunteers are desperately 
needed to 
help out. One of our regulars, Bob Quillen, is no longer able to participate. I 
will try to be on duty the week of September 10-14, and again September 17-21. 
I will need someone to keep the count on the following days when I probably 
will not be on site:

September 15, 16, 22, 23.

Otherwise, if you can come anytime for all or part of day to assist, please 
let me know. No experience is necessary, just good eyes, binocs, and an 
enthusiasm for hawk watching. OJT will be available. 

Bring plenty of water, sun screen/glasses, snacks/lunch. A folding chair or 
soft cushion comes in handy. Dress appropriately based on the weather. It can 
be very hot during the day, but cool in the early morning and late evening.

From Northeast TN:  Take I-26 West past Kingsport until it ends. You will be 
on U.S 23 N thru Weber City. Take a right on U.S. 58/421 towards Hiltons, VA. 
Turn left into Hiltons and then right on route 614, which is the AP Carter 
Hwy. Stay on this thru Mendota (This number becomes 802). Take a left on route 
612, Pinnacle Road. It is about threes mile to the top. Park along this road 
walk up the old tower road, which is on your right just before the crest. 

From Bristol: At Exit 1, I-81, turn right on 58/421 towards Gate City. After 
you pass the Scott County line for a ways, turn right on route 615. This is a 
very narrow, but paved road, so drive carefully. After you cross the North 
Fork, Holston River, take a left on route 873, Civil Drive, then right on 
thru Mendota. Then take a left on Pinnacle Road, and follow directions as 

From Abingdon and Vicinity:  Take U.S. 19/Alt 58 North out of Abingdon. After 
crossing the North Fork, Holston River, take a left on 802, Mendota Road. 
Take a right on Pinnacle Road, route 615, and drive to the top (about 3 miles). 
You will see the old tower road on your right. Park along Pinnacle road and 
walk up tower road to the site.

From Lebanon and Vicinity:  Take U.S. 19 South and turn right on U.S. 58Alt. 
Take a left on 613 and follow this down Moccasin Valley. Take a left on 612, 
Pinnacle Road and follow to the top. Park along road and walk up the old tower 
road on your left just past the crest.

Hope to see you on the mountain!!

Ron Harrington
Bristol, VA (276) 669-4948

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