[TN-Bird] Update on Sandhills and Whooper

  • From: Douglas Downs <douglas_downs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: TennBird <tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2010 15:47:16 -0600

Returned to the Black Oak Rd. area of White County after reporting the 
Sandhills and the Whooping Crane earlier today.  By the time I had worked all 
the fields west of Black Oak Rd. and behind the Black Oak Church of God (on 
Burgess Falls Rd. near Black Oak intersection), I had counted over 800 Sandhill 
Cranes.  Also relocated the Whooping Crane, got some long distance photos in 
the fields near Black Oak Rd., and then followed the Whooper as it flew from 
Black Oak Rd. to the fields behind the Church of God.  Though my photos are 
from some distance away, they are good enough in magnification to show the 
clear field marks of a Whooping Crane.  This represents the first Whooper I 
have found personally in White County.  The first ever actually seen and 
recorded for White County were the remarkable eight (that's right, eight!) seen 
by myself and Ed LeGrand on the 2008 White County CBC.  I'd have to say that 
any day you are able to see a Whooping Crane, regardless of where and when, is 
a good day of birding!

Additional Note:  Also had a flock of Sandhills this past Wednesday afternoon 
at 4 flying over Hwy 111 in White County towards the northwest.  These 
represent my first Sandhills of 2010.

Best to all,

Doug Downs
Sparta, White County, TN
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