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Here is some more information on the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker from the Lab of 
Shane Adams
East of Hamblen County
Morristown, TN.37813

Greetings Lab members and friends,
We'd like to share with you another update from our Ivory-billed Woodpecker 
search team in Arkansas. The search is well underway, with a full-time crew now 
joined by the first group of volunteers this field season. To learn what 
they've been up to, read our Ivory-bill Bulletin. You can meet the crew and 
find out what an interesting and dedicated group they are. Join field 
technician Sarah Warner of Michigan in the swamp via her personal journal.
Today and tomorrow, more than a dozen journalists are joining the search team 
in the swamps at the invitation of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the 
Cornell Lab of Ornithology, The Nature Conservancy, Arkansas Game & Fish 
Commission, and Arkansas Audubon. They'll get a first-hand view of life as an 
ivory-bill searcher, will receive detailed information about search strategies 
and technology, and will learn more about efforts to conserve the ivory-bill's 
habitat. Keep an eye on the news or check our web site for the latest 
ivory-bill articles.
We'll keep you posted as the search develops!
The holidays are coming up, and if you're looking for gifts, we hope you'll 
consider these ideas. They're great for bird lovers and help benefit the 
Cornell Lab of Ornithology's efforts in bird research, education, and 
1.  Give the gift of membership­help support the Lab of Ornithology and spread 
the joy of learning more about birds. For $40, your favorite birder will 
receive Living Bird and BirdScope for one year, discounts on citizen-science 
projects, and more. For more information, visit our membership web pages or 
call (800) 843-2473.
2. Make a gift toward conservation and send an exclusive Ivory-billed 
Woodpecker memento to an ivory-bill enthusiast. Ivory-billed Woodpecker  
"support team" T-shirts, copies of The Grail Bird signed by author and Living 
Bird editor Tim Gallagher, and prints by famed artist George Miksch Sutton are 
available for gifts of $100 or more. Your gift supports conservation of 
Ivory-billed Woodpeckers and other birds. Click here for more information or 
call (800) 843-2473.
3. Purchase a new print by Charley Harper, created especially for the Lab of 
Ornithology. It features a multitude of colorful birds hovering over the Lab 
with the caption, "We Think the World of Birds." ($10) Take a look at this 
beautiful and unique design.  
4. National Geographic's Handheld Birds­use this amazing gizmo to search 
through 868 North American birds for quick and accurate identification, maps, 
images, sounds, and information. Record and retrieve detailed sightings 
information with the checklist feature. The Lab of Ornithology has worked 
closely with the pullUin software company to develop this first ever North 
American multimedia software program with easy-to-use, mobile and interactive 
referencing capabilities via a Personal Digital Assistant. ($499.95; $399.95 
for Lab members.) Advance orders accepted now for delivery by spring. Call 
pullUin at (866) 447-7696.
5. For the budding birder, our new coloring book, A Guide to the Birds of 
Sapsucker Woods, Volume 1, Birds of the Hardwood Forest. The drawings are by 
renowned artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes and are accompanied by educational text 
explaining the habits and habitats of each species. Go to the Cornell Lab 
Birding Shop and click on the "CLO Bird Books" link at the bottom of the page. 
6. A gift of knowledge­The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Handbook of Bird 
Biology is an engaging and comprehensive book, explaining all the major topics 
in ornithology, from the marvels of flight and migration to the mysteries of 
courtship and song. (Book and CD $99.50) 
            This same book is used for the Home Study Course in Bird Biology, a 
self-paced course students can take anywhere, any time. ($270 for Lab members, 
$299.50 for nonmembers.) Those who enroll in the course by December 31 will 
receive a free subscription to the Birds of North America Online. Click here 
for more information or to sign up.
Need more ideas? Browse hundreds of birding products, including birding 
software, audio guides, binoculars, books, plush toys, feeders, and more at the 
Cornell Lab Birding Shop.
Thanks once again for all your continued support and enthusiasm­and have a 
wonderful holiday season!
Your friends at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 


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