[TN-Bird] Today at Turkey Creek Wetland in knoxville

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Here is the list of what we saw/heard today at turkey creek wetland park in 
west knoxville. 

Thanks to all who came out, went off the beaten path, and I hope we get a more 
diverse group of bird species next time!

Ringbilled Gull
Downy woodpecker
A Crow
Red tailed hawk
Blue jay
Mallard duck
Field sparrow
E. Towhee
Song sparrow
Turkey vulture
House finch
Red-winged blackbird
Carolina wren
Carolina chicadee
Ruby crowned kinglet
Red shouldered hawk
Yellow rumped warb
N. Flicker
Rock pigeon
Northern mockingbird
Euro starling
N cardinal
Mourning dove
Red bellied woodpecker

Bird On!

Mark Campen
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