[TN-Bird] Three mockingbird families

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Here in the Charlotte Park section of West Nashville, the oldest  mockingbird 
from the second nesting of three sets of mockingbirds was brought to  the 
peanut butter.  Six parent mockingbirds are now carrying peanut butter  to the 
rest of the babies in three nests.  At one point, the baby on the  deck rail 
begged pitifully from a parent mockingbird who had just "filled up"  with PB.  
The parent hesitated a moment, looked at the begging baby, then  flew off to 
nest out back.  Wrong parent!!!  This fledgling is  from across the street 
from my front yard.  I guess there'll be a  batch of babies up on the deck 
all begging from parents, jockeying for PB  and fighting off starlings.  It 
gets to be a real show when the whole crowd  is around from three separate 
nests.  I can hear the nestlings screaming  for food from dawn to dusk now.  
poor parents are beginning to look  very bedraggled again from their constant 
hard work keeping the hungry babies  fed.  With the heat, I'm feeling the 
pressure too.  I have to replace  the PB, grape jelly, apple & oranges 
as those &%*# squirrels  take more than their share!!!!!!!!  The mockers are a 
real joy.even though  they require a lot of going in and out on these HOT days 
when I really need to  stay in the air conditioned house.  I do make my 
ventures outside very  short, but do get the food put out.
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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