[TN-Bird] The Western Bird Invasion Continues in Tennessee / INCA DOVE!!!

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Dec. 5, 2005
Oakland TN
Fayette Co.
I have posted photos of Inca Doves seen in TN this year. Fortunately the  
second bird is still coming to a feeder in Oakland. Theresa Graham sent me  
wonderful photos of a bird that she has hosted for a few days. They are trying  
work on plans for visitors around their busy schedules. Here are her  
instructions so far and you can "e" mail her at: 
_2graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:2graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) 
I've posted 3 photos at:  _http://www.pbase.com/ol_coot/incadove_ 
Her instructions are below, please call or write before going:
Jeff were talking about location  for birders to come and view the bird.  
Probably, rather than the wooded  lot, the East side of the house would offer a 
better viewing area.  There  is a clear unfenced area there and that land does 
belong to us  That would  put birders about a good 30 feet away from the area 
the dove frequents.  We  have a 4x4 post in the ground with shepherd hooks 
mounted to it and feeders hung  from the hooks.  It is beneath this feeding 
station that our little Inca  frequents. He is usually in the company of a pair 
Mourning  Doves.
Again, Danny will be home every day  this week except Thursday (all day at 
the Fire Dept) and we have a wedding in  Memphis on Saturday and will probably 
leave the house around 11:00 and not sure  what time we'll be back home.  
Sunday we go to church and Wal-Mart and we  are back home around 11:00.  No 
for Sunday afternoon if folks want to  plan a visit then.  Danny is primed and 
ready for the fact that our little  bird is going to cause a stir.....hard 
thing for a non-birder to comprehend  :-)
Theresa's Christmas Gift to you all!!!

Good Birding  !!!

Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6298 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135

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