[TN-Bird] TOS Winter meeting at Reelfoot

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I am posting this message for Tony King as he is having problems 
subscribing/posting to TN Birds.

Carole Gobert, Knoxville


Kudos to TOS President Dick Preston for singly hosting the TOS Winter Meeting 
in Tiptonville TN. over this unusually  snowy weekend (Jan. 29 -31, 2010).
It started snowing about 0900 hrs Friday and finally let up early Saturday 
morning.  On a tip from Nancy Moore, Dick drove up from Memphis arriving late 
Saturday morning was cloudy with 4" plus of snow covering stubbly, flat fields, 
around the lake. Icicles were hanging off bald cypress knees and boles.
The roads had all been plowed clear. Those that had not were worn by scads of 
duck hunters? vehicles.  Therefore driving around while birding most of the day 
was no hassle.            
Dick drove Denise & me & Zambonie to his favorite spots.  Late morning we were 
joined by Nancy Moore, who showed us more favorite spots.
Snow geese were the most numerous species in one area around Black Bayou. There 
must have been 10,000 or more.  The sound was a life time memory.  Too numerous 
to count along most roads, at hardtop edge, were Horned Larks & Longspurs. Two 
Barn Owls were flushed from the old cotton seed oil processing barn on highway 
During the day we saw numerous Bald Eagles, ducks galore and most of the usual 
fare.  We could not locate the Tundra Swans, however. That evening Dick & I had 
good looks at a pair of Short Eared Owls, that flew parallel to the vehicle 
along a ditch for about 5 min.
Almost 400 miles there and 400 back, we returned Sunday. Well worth the effort. 
Another memorable birding adventure! 
Thank you, Dick Preston.  Be here at the spring meeting in Knoxville in May!!
Tony King, Lenoir City, Loudon County, TN
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