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I just called and spoke to Nick in customer service. He said that this was 
misinformation that had been put out and that there is no mass recall for the 
Sibley 2nd edition, 1st printing. If anyone calls and finds out otherwise, 
please let me know.

Jennifer Miller
Lubbock, TX

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> For your information. Don't know if this is legitimate or not.
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> From the South Dakota listserv-- If you purchased the Second Edition of The 
> Sibley Guide to Birds the publisher is replacing the book becuase of the 
> printing problems. Call 1-800-793-2665. The lady I spoke with said they 
> thought they would start sending out the replacements in the next few days.  
> Read more about this at www.birderslibrary.com -- Dan or Erika Tallman 
> Northfield, Minnesota danerika@xxxxxxxxx 
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