[TN-Bird] TN sandhill crane hunt issue featured in blog forums

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While this is not the usual type of bird sighting email, I wanted to share  
with you some unexpected publicity that the TN Sandhill crane hunt  issue 
has received this week in widely viewed blogging forums.  
For those of you who are unfamiliar with blogging, I am a member of a  
nature blogging community called The Nature Blogging Network.  It has  afforded 
me the opportunity to get closely acquainted with many greats in the  bird 
world/experts in the field.  In addition, I am in the company  of nature 
blogs that receive thousands of viewers.
My blog post on the Sandhill Crane Family and the TN hunt issue has been  
featured in two community posts this week.  
1) One feature appeared last Friday, "Blogger of the Week" on an  intern
ational group blog.  Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the  author's 
request for viewers to support efforts to help stop TN's sandhill  crane hunt.  
2) The second is a post in a regular birding "blog carnival" called "I  And 
The Bird".  In this carnival, bird related posts are  collected and 
introduced with a theme and presented on one blog.  The  current post theme 
was published yesterday is a spoof on NPR and uses  the title "NBR--National 
Birding Radio".  The blog post features  Julie Zickefoose, NPR commentator, 
as well as, my post on Sandhill crane  families.  I love this one 
especially!  View this blog  here:
Our concerns about TN's sandhill cranes are being widely  spread!    
Vickie Henderson
Knoxville, TN
Knox County

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