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I have been working to get this out so that my position might be filled 
quickly. Please pass this along to anyone that you know who might be interested 
and feel free to post it to any other bird-related listserves to which you may 
have access. All inquiries should be to Richard Kirk, as listed in the 
Troy Ettel

July 1, 2003
SALARY RANGE: Monthly $2,901 - $4,505; Annually $34,812 - $54,060.
LOCATION OF POSITION: Applications are being accepted to fill a salaried 
position located at the Central Office of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources 
Agency (TWRA) in Nashville, Tennessee. 
QUALIFICATIONS: 1) Graduation from an accredited college or university with a 
Master's Degree in Wildlife or closely related field(s); or a 2) Bachelor of 
Science in Wildlife or closely related field and demonstration of exceptional 
related professional avian responsibility for at least two years.  
APPLICATION: Submit a standard State of Tennessee Employment Application, 
reflecting a complete record of education and experience, to the Tennessee 
Department of Personnel at the address shown on the application.  For further 
information contact and/or send a copy of the application to:  Richard Kirk, 
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, P.O. Box 40747, Nashville, TN 37204 and/or 
contact him for additional information at (615) 781-6619 or 
ELIGIBILITY DETERMINATION: Highest applicant eligibilities will first be 
determined, based on the information shown on the Employment Application and 
APPLICANT EVALUATION PANEL: The most qualified applicants, based on an 
objective rating of education and experience, will be invited to appear before 
an Interview Panel. Applicants will also be requested to present a 15-minute 
seminar concerning a topic related to the position.  See attachment for 
responsibilities, duties and special ability requirements.
Application form can he obtained from:
Division of Personnel 
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Ellington Agricultural Center
2nd Floor Wildlife Resources Agency
Nashville, TN 37204 
(615) 781-6594
or download from the web site:  

·        Serve as TWRA's statewide Program Leader (including Partners in 
Flight, Important Bird Area, and North American Bird Conservation Initiative 
programs) relating to the conservation, research, monitoring, and management of 
all nongame bird species.
·        Represent Tennessee on regional working groups and technical 
committees for migratory bird conservation. 
·        Oversee and assist where necessary the development of Important Bird 
Area program and serve on technical committee. 
·        Continue status surveys of state Threatened, Endangered, and In Need 
of Management bird species, as specified in TWRA's strategic plan. 
·        Work with partners to implement Nashville's Urban Conservation Treaty 
for Migratory Birds program. 
·        Assist with the development of land acquisition projects most 
important to sensitive bird species. Use the project's importance to priority 
bird species to write grants and to develop a strong justification for the 
project that will rally support from potential partners. 
·        Coordinate annual Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon monitoring program. 
·        Develop habitat management plans to conserve and enhance native bird 
species to optimum population levels, according to regional bird conservation 
·        Interpret and apply Agency policy, as guided by Federal and State law, 
including development and implementation of plans.    
·        Coordinate with other wildlife disciplines of Tennessee and adjacent 
states for achieving optimum total ecosystem management practices by 
physiographic province.
·        Prepare timely progress reports, with interpretation of implications 
for avian conservation and management.
·        Coordinate research and provide management input concerning the 205 
resident and seasonal migrant species of birds in Tennessee.
·        Develop and expand wildlife viewing and outreach opportunities to 
enhance public bird /wildlife viewing and education.
·        Educate the public about birds and their needs through written 
material, public presentations, exhibits, and audio-visual aids. Develop 
segments on birds for the Tennessee's Wildside television program.  
·        Perform other duties as required.
·        Proficiency in identification of birds and their habitat requirements.
·        Familiarity with procedures for research and monitoring of birds and 
their applications for effective conservation, management, and restoration of 
bird life.
·        Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship 
with TWRA staff, interested individuals, colleagues, personnel of other state 
and federal agencies, municipalities, and the general public. 
·        Ability to work efficiently and effectively with others in a team 
approach to problem solving. 
·        Ability to express oneself clearly both orally and in writing - both 
scientifically and for public information.
·        Proficiency with computers, word processing, database management and 
data interpretation.
·        Ability to organize and prioritize a varied and heavy workload.
·        Ability to do thorough and timely staff work.
·        Ability to work Saturdays, Sundays and occasional long or irregular 
·        Ability to prepare strategic plans, budgets, grant applications, 
project plans, and progress reports in a timely manner.


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