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  • Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 00:07:59 -0400

Jefferson County, 10/27/07, 5-7PM
Douglas Lake elevation: 946.3 ft.

We parked near the east end of the 25/70 bridge, walked along the shoreline=
 under the I-40 bridge, where we saw most of the shorebirds, then, after su=
nset,  drove across the bridge and turned left to the TWRA overlook, just p=
ast the Lakeview Church.  Gulls and egrets could be seen roosting on the la=
ke, but  most of the waterfowl were, by then, too dark and distant to ident=

Partial list:
Bllue-winged teal (3)
Green-winged teal (5)
N. Shoveler (4)
Double-crested cormorant (156)
Great blue heron (82)
Great egret (65)
Bald eagle
Killdeer (52)
Gr. yellowlegs (18)
Lesser yelllowlegs (7)
Least sandpiper (16)
Dunlin (70)
Ring-billed gull (400+)

Michel Sledjeski & Leslie Gibbens

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