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  • From: Ken Benge <truenorthresources@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 13:05:16 -0500

September 23, 2006
I think I topped my personal ³strangest birding sighting² this weekend.
Formally, my strangest was sighting a WHIPPOORWILL and a PALM WARBLER alight
on the sun deck of a cruise ship while on a Caribbean cruise in April of
1999 (which is logical; they were obviously resting while migrating).  This
weekend, my daughter and I spent the weekend in downtown Chicago (think
concrete and L-trains) enjoying the sights since it is her senior year in
high school.  We were walking to the theater near State and Randolph (near
the original Marshall Field¹s department store, which just became Macy¹s a
couple of weeks ago).  I looked down and saw what I first thought was a
starling that had lost its tail feathers running along the curb.  It peeked
my interest, so I peered around the trash receptacle to catch a better look,
and lo! and behold! It was a SORA.  Obviously off course, probably migrating
up Lake Michigan's shoreline.

Ken Benge
Franklin, TN

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