[TN-Bird] Spotted Sandpiper- Lesser Black-backed Gulls

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Feb. 27, 2010
Ensley Bottoms
Robco Lake
Shelby Co. TN
Tunica Co.MS, Arkabutla Dam, MS
Sardis Lake, MS
At Ensley, a Spotted Sandpiper sat hunkered down looking like it was lost.  
Good numbers of Ring-billed Gulls, Greater and Lesser Scaup plus scattered  
regulars on TVA Lake, including the female Red-breasted Merg that has been  
around a couple of weeks. Small groups of Least Sandpipers are scattered 
and  growing.
Tunica Co. still hosts Ring-billed, Bonaparte's and Herring Gulls  around 
the dump and the 2nd cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull still stands out like  a 
sore thumb. Arkabutla Lake gull and waterfowl numbers are down but 9 male  
Red-breasted can still be seen in all their finery from the dam. Hundreds of  
White Pelicans are stacked around like snow drifts.
At Sardis Lake, NO ducks or loons were seen from the dam and only one  
Lesser Scaup on the Lower Lake. Really large flocks of White Pelicans have  
returned. Still pretty good numbers of gulls to pick through but I only got  
photos of a single first winter Lesser Black-backed Gull.  
Good Birding  !!!

Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Road
Bartlett, TN  38135
What is this feathered thing that  lifts my heart to the heavens.

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