[TN-Bird] Spoonbills still present; Dyer Co

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Dyer Co; immediately south of the entrance to Moss Island WMA, off of Great 
River Rd
Just a quick note to let anyone who is interested know that the two young 
Spoonbills are still in the exact same spot that Jeff found them yesterday. I 
was there at noon today, and spent about 45 minutes enjoying the antics of 
these special visitors. I am really glad Jeff, in his attention to detail as 
usual, decided to double back for these birds. It's been several years since 
I've seen a Spoonbill in TN, and today was by far the best looks I've had at 
them in the State. I will post some additional photos later today of these, and 
a few other birds on the day.

I spent about 4 hours on Island 13, with much the same as Jeff had. The adult 
Black-bellied Plover is still present, though I could only find one Piping 
Plover. Easily 400 shorebirds, the majority Least and Semi Sands. A few 
Westerns, and though I missed the Baird's and Buffy that Jeff had, a Ruddy 
Turnstone was a nice consolation. Only other larger shorebirds were a single 
Greater Yellowlegs and Stilt Sandpiper. Nice to finally get out and get a 
little birding in, with a gorgeous day for August in TN to boot!

There was nothing of note on Tiptonville Bar. The Ibis Hole at Phillipy was 
also full of birds, though nothing out of the ordinary.

I will post some photos later tonight,

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN
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