[TN-Bird] Showering hummingbird/Doowny back for more sugar water

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 20:23:06 EDT

Hello Birders,
Here in the Charlotte Park section of West Nashville, we had ever so slight  
a shower which barely dampened the deck.  It was enough, however, that an  
immature male ruby-throated hummingbird sat on an exposed branch of the grape  
vine and took a shower -- almost the same way people do!  He'd spread his  
or tail, then pick and preen.  It was as if he had a wash cloth in  his beak 
and was going over his entire body to get the dust off.  I took a  couple of 
photos, but he wasn't in a place that was conducive to  photography.  It was a 
cute sight to see, and he bathed the whole 4 or 5  minutes that we had a few 
raindrops falling.
Just a few moments ago, my male downy woodpecker was back on the  hummingbird 
feeder for several minutes to  lap up the sugar water.  I  think he got as 
much in one sitting as the hummingbirds got all day. I did get  several 
photos of him from where I was sitting behind a pane of glass  that needs a 
good cleaning!
Dee  Thompson
Nashville, TN

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