[TN-Bird] Shelby Co. Sunday Birding

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Aug. 21, 2011
Ensley Bottoms
President's Island
Mud Lake
Shelby Co.
In the AM, I met up with a couple of MS Birders working on  their TN Lists. 
We had excellent numbers of shorebirds, 3,000  plus, including good looks 
at Stilt and Baird's Sandpipers. There was some  movement very early when a 
single Wilson's Phalarope came in along with a molted  Golden-Plover but both 
preened, dozed and then left with 3 Lesser  Yellowlegs. Late in the 
afternoon after everyone had left heading home, the  flats were almost bare as 
couple of raptors were hunting. Slowly the birds  shifted back to their 
assigned locations with both the immature Baird's and  Stilt Sandpipers in 
but a molting adult Stilt had been added to the  original Five Stilts. Total 
Wind Bird species including some knock-out juveniles  of all species, a low 
of Fourteen. More on the way.............Lots of  Black-bellied Whistlers 
and young seen through the day along with Mallards,  Woodies, Blue-winged Teal 
and a single Shoveler. 
We traveled over to President's Island to look for the  White-winged Doves, 
trying the secondary site first. We pulled in, my not  expecting to spend 
too much time looking for the needle in the haystack with  hundreds of EUCD 
on every wire but within 15 feet of us at eye level, a  super White-winged 
that flew up into a Pine Tree for great looks and photos,  total time 15 
Next adventure was to slog through the Mud at MUD LAKE, where  the finding 
Wood Storks was not an easy job. We were joined by Terry Whit and  Chad 
Smith and the 35 Storks from the previous day were not to be  found. One was 
finally located in the TN part of the lake and 7  in MS plus later I had 4 more 
circling over the Cocklebur Lake also in TN.  We did finally, after much 
searching through the distant trees, find FOUR  ANHINGA, 2 immature birds, 
what appeared to be an adult female in bad light and  a male in full regalia, 
sans the breeding blue eye shadow, drying its  wings.   

Good  Birding!!!

Jeff R. Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington  Rd.
Bartlett, TN. 38135_http://WWW.pbase.com/ol_coot/_ 
What is this  feathered thing that lifts my heart to the  heavens.

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