[TN-Bird] Savannah CBC, Prelimary Results

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 The Savannah CBC was conducted yesterday (12/29) with sixteen observers in 
seven parties tallying 108 species.  Results from one party have not yet been 
submitted, so this total is only preliminary.  The highlight of the count was a 
male Eurasian Wigeon found in a mixed flock on a private pond in the Savannah 
Bottoms.  Other highlights included Blue-winged Teal-1 (same flock of ducks), 
Merlin-2, Virginia Rail-1, Lesser Black-backed Gull-1, Short-eared Owl-3, Fish 
Crow-2, Marsh Wren-2, Palm Warbler-2, Vesper Sparrow-2, LeConte's Sparrow-4, 
Lapland Longspur-3 and a record high 1378 Rusty Blackbirds (with one party 
still to add to that number!).  I'll post more complete results with I have the 
last party's data.

Damien Simbeck
Killen, AL

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