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  • Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2012 21:27:21 -0400 (EDT)

June 28, 2012
North Rutherford Co.
Took a ride in the cool morning after work this morning.  Indigo  Buntings 
and Common Yellowthroats, field sparrows and a few song and chipping  
sparrows  singing everywhere.  Beautiful male Summer Tanager on a  fence just 
below eye level at about 8 feet pit tucking at me without a care in  the world. 
We looked at each other in mutual curiosity.  Third Broad  wing hawk for 
the county.  Nice fine.  
While watering the tomatoes this evening and filling some shallow crockery  
with water for the birds the yard was full of rabbits.  Near a brush pile  
my wife keeps complaining about 3 small rabbits are hopping around.  Is it  
just me or are rabbits having a good year.  That has to be at least the  
third or fourth brood in my yard.  Also watched my squirrel(LOL) steal a  green 
apple from one of my trees.  Usual birds in the yard.  Seems the  Cowbirds 
and Blackbirds are flocking up again.  30 cowbirds on the wires  out front.  
A lot of chimney swifts and purple martins(always nice),  
Good birding
Stay cool
Stephen Zipperer
Rutherford county

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