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  • From: "Ken Leggett" <kcleggett@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 10:59:22 -0500

This last long weekend produced some good birding in Fulton County Kentucky and 
Lake and Dyer Counties in Tennessee.
In Fulton County Open Pond is just about dry with the farmers planting most of 
this area that last week had Black-necked Stilts and other birds.  Three Least 
Sandpipers were seen in a pool just east of Open Pond along with a few Least 

Lake Number Nine is going to produce some interesting birding this summer.  The 
Lake is higher than normal now. This should make it very good for Shorebirds in 
late July and August.  Nancy Moore and I had over 200 Mallards and 30 Wood 
Ducks there on the 8th along with  13 Canada Geese, about the same number we  
have had in the past few years.  The Painted Bunting was also  singing along 
the RR tracks at Miller.

Dave Chaffin and his wife came up late Saturday to add to their Tennessee and 
Life list.  They particularly wanted the Bell's Vireo.  They saw and heard two 
Sunday morning about 7:00 am.  In addition, they were able to see the 
Black-necked Stilts along with the young which was a lifer for her.  At White 
Lake we also had a Tri-colored Heron, 139 White Pelicans and a few 
Black-crowned Night Herons.

On July 4, I had 3 Caspian Terns at Island 13.  The river has risen some during 
the past week and the southwest end of Island 13 is open to the river.

On Sunday afternoon, Nancy Moore and I were checking out the spot at 103 and 
GRR when we spotted a few Forster's/Common Terns along with 8-10 Least Terns.  
We went back to her car to get her camera and when we returned only the Least 
Terns were left.  Suddenly, they all flew away and a juvenile Peregrine Falcon 
descended and chased the terns away.  Interestingly,  the Black-necked Stilts 
did not react to this attack.  The falcon continued on south we followed him to 
the next pool south of 103 and watched the birds scatter there.

Glen Criswell and I were out on July 3, 5 and 7.  On the 3rd we  had 103 White 
Pelicans at White Lake but none on the 5th or 7th.  Along with my wife Betty we 
had Greater Yellowlegs at Mud Lake and Highway 79W.  We had 2 Lesser Yellowlegs 
on the 5th at Mud Lake and 6th on the same date at White Lake.   

Ken Leggett
Dyersburg, TN 38024

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