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Dec. 10, 2005
Reelfoot area
Lake and Obion Co.
Saturday, I decided to check out the habitat at Reelfoot for the up coming  
CBC. The one thing needed is water, there is no standing water in the fields  
except a few that were pumped up for duck hunting. most of the target species  
were found but in very limited habitat. I tried the Smith's field again but no 
 luck. Vesper Sparrows were found at 2 locations, a high of 21 Brewer's  
Blackbirds were seen in one field. Pipits and Lapland Longspurs were found in  
many places and 3 Long-billed Dowitchers were located in one of the flooded 
hunting sites along with 36 Wilson's Snipe. Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks  
were seen with one of the latter almost taking my head off as it twisted its 
way  through the tangle I was standing in, minding my own business.
The numbers of Red-tailed Hawks were amazingly low while Kestrels were very  
high and Male Harrier Hawks out numbered the females and immatures, two to 
one.  Shrike numbers are steady and good.
On the lake was another story with what I think is the highest  concentration 
of Ring-billed Gulls I've ever seen in TN. Bonaparte's numbers  were down and 
a little observation told me why; every time a Bonie grabbed a  fish their 
would be 6 or 6 Ring-billed Gulls on its tail. I left slightly before  peak 
roost time but I did not see either Little Gull but in that mass they could  
easily hide. There was ice in quite a few places on the lake but it broke up 
melted by noon.
In talking to duck hunters, I learned that the ducks built up to huge  
numbers, almost covering the lake, Tuesday and Wednesday and then pulled  out. 
numbers were evident from my last visit and I saw no loons or Horned  Grebes. 
Even though duck numbers were down I got all the expected species. There  
were 5 White Pelicans seen on the lake and 38 over Tiptonville  Landing.

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