[TN-Bird] Red-wings, grackles, mourning doves -- huge numbers

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  • Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 16:11:27 EST

Good Sunday afternoon,
Here in the Charlotte Park section of West Nashville, I had 60+ mourning  
doves feeding on the deck other than my 20-22.  I then saw a flock of over  100 
black birds land in the trees about three back yards down the  "concourse" of 
yards behind my house.  When I opened my door to the deck,  all the doves flew. 
 The cacophony of sounds from the trees indicated that  it was a mixed flock 
of red-winged blackbirds and common grackles.  With no  hackberries in the 
trees, most of the flock flew, but a few grackles are hanging  around to eat at 
Dee's "Smorgabird."  A few of the doves are coming back to  dine as well.  A 
flock of about 30 red-wings and grackles just now flew  into the trees.  The 
birds seems restless and on the move around here  today, and more keep coming 
My song sparrow is still here along with the large number of white-throated  
sparrows and juncos.  Several crows hang around these back yards,  too.
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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