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  • From: Michael Todd <birder1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: TN Birds <tn-bird@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 22:33:28 -0700 (PDT)

Oneal Lake (Hatchie NWR)- Haywood County
After work I made a quick run to Oneal Lake to check on David Kirschke's 
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks, with no luck. Checked again late afternoon on 
5/21 on my way home from Memphis, also with no luck.
Ed Davis Fish Farm-Gibson Co
Ran thru here on way home as well, no shorebirds at all but a calling Alder 
Flycatcher was nice.
Carroll Co- checked on my Willow Flycatchers in the Obion River bottom where I 
usually get them, also no luck. Did have a Lark Sparrow about a half-mile from 
where the two I posted photos of were. The distances these birds cover, could 
easily be one of that pair. Also a Loggerhead Shrike in the area, scarce summer 
Reelfoot area to Memphis
Hit Walnut Log (Obion Co), and had absolutely no transient warblers, though a 
Cerulean finally was nice. Did have a couple of calling Least Flycatchers as 
the highlight. 
Checked on Scott Somershoe's Bell's Vireo (Lake Co) , and heard it singing as 
soon as I stopped. Able to get some nice photos of this little sprite. 
Otherwise in Lake Co, not much. About 30 Black Terns were working over Reelfoot 
out from Keystone. Least Terns are around in good numbers now, and the ones at 
Phillipy had to resort to sitting in the road. Others were seen scattered 
around sitting in the flooded fields. Only shorebirds were a handful of Least, 
Semi and Pectorals, and a single Black-bellied and Semi Plover in the fields 
west of Ridgely. 
I crossed over to I-55 to make the trip to Memphis, since I hadn't been at all 
this spring. Had a dozen Black Terns feeding over a roadside lake along I-155 
at Caruthersville, MO, which let me get some decent photos of them as well. 
My first stop in Memphis was President's Island. Didn't take long to find a 
pair of Western Kingbirds, but it took a little while to finally find a 
Scissor-tail, and it was a flyover. After this, hit Ensley and had a nice show 
by a male Painted Bunting. Nothing else at all in that area though. Shorebirds 
were practically nonexistent, guess the Peregrine had done it's work before I 
arrived. Had a few Semi Sands, Least, Pectorals, and a couple of Spotted's to 
go with the Killdeer and Black-necked Stilts. A hen Lesser Scaup was hanging 
out in one of the wet areas. 
That's all she wrote. I've placed some new photos in my Spring 2010 Gallery. 
Several of the Bell's Vireo, and  several shots of a few others that gave me 
better than usual photo-ops. First new image starts here: 
Good Birding!!
Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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