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Jeff of Clarksville reports on tn-birds that a Red-tailed Hawk, that was hit
by a vehicle today on a road in Montgomery County, TN, died before he could
get it to a rehabilitator.  He asked:  1)  Where could he take it if he
encounters another injured hawk? and 2) What could he do with the dead

The nearest known permitted raptor rehabilitator for the Clarksville area

Walden's Puddle
8131 Jackman Road
Joelton, TN 37080
Telephone:  (615) 299-9938

For other areas, the closest authorized raptor rehabilitator can be
determined by calling the nearest Regional office of the Tennessee Wildlife
Resources Agency, from 8 a.m to midnight, as follows:

TWRA Region 1, Jackson, TN:  1-800-372-3928
TWRA Region 2, Nashville, TN:  1-800-624-7406
TWRA Region 3, Crossville, TN: 1-800-262-6704
TWRA Region 4, Morristown, TN: 1-800-332-0900

The dead Red-tailed Hawk would need to be appropriately buried or discarded
unless wanted by a nearby:   nature center, park, school, etc. that has
federal and state permits for salvaging dead raptors for educational

I hope this will help with future injured hawks, and possibly even eagles.
Injured eagles are often  transferred as soon as feasible to the American
Eagle Foundation of Pigeon Forge, TN, where they have can utilize the
expertise of raptor veterinarians of the University of Tennessee Vet School.

Bob Hatcher
Retired TWRA Nongame & Endangered Wildlife Coordinator (1978 - 2001), and
Eagle Consultant and E-mail Correspondent,  American Eagle Foundation
(www.eagles.org,  EagleMail@xxxxxxxxxx)
Brentwood, TN

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