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  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:55:57 -0600 (MDT)

I birded out in SW England in November a few years back.  Here's a few
things that pop to memory:

1. There's a boat you can get at Exmouth that goes up and down the river
(Exe?) with the tide.  Great birding, highly recommended.  Link: 

2.  You can go up to the "moors" from near Exeter.  There's European
Dippers there.  Plus some other nifty birds.

3.  There's places along the Devonshire shore where some birds not typical
for England are sometimes found.  (I'm away from home, and don't remember
without the reference books the names.  One is some kind of tit-related
bird that I saw across the channel in Normany.  Triple something?  Fire
something?  French name includes "rondelet"?)  And some bunting - Cirl? 

4.  If you make the journey out towards Cornwall and Land's End there's
plenty of other interesting birds.  Perhaps that's too far afield for your

5.  You might want to check Natural History Bookstore online - they're
based in Devon IIRC.  Worth a transatlantic phone call; they're very
helpful.  There's still time to order and get transatlantic shipping
before your trip.  They have birdfinding books for that area of the
country.  Powell's has a copy of "Where to Find Birds in Devon and
Cornwall" - http://www.powells.com/biblio/66-9780713688146-0.  I concur
about the Princeton field guide being far superior to other options. 
(There's plenty of online info also - fatbirder.com is based in England
and has plenty of info.)

6.  England's full of active birders, so word of rare birds (which might
be an American Robin!) won't be hard to find.  You could also check either
ABA membership directory (when did the most recent one come out?) or
birdingpal.org for ideas of people to bird with.  I had pretty good luck
that way.

7.  I'm brand new to this TN-bird list.  Just signed up this morning and
this is my first post.  Just moved to Nashville (part-time, with the other
part in northern New Mexico.)  I will put my own query up soon about local
birding.  Quite a few of the eastern migratory birds I've never seen...

Elizabeth Winter * Taos, NM * ewinter@xxxxxxxxxx
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