[TN-Bird] Probable Pacific Loons

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A stop at B.T. Washington SP this afternoon proved to be worthwhile for Dan 
Jacobson and I today.  While scanning the lake from the lower parking lot near 
the boat ramp, we observed two probable Pacific Loons in the main channel of 
the TN. River.  The loons were in the vicinity of Common Loons giving us good 
size comparsion.  One of the PALOs was in nonbreeding plumage (very dark back) 
while the other was changing into breeding plumage and noticeably lighter.  
Even though they were at a great distance, shot dark bills, rounded heads, and 
smaller size were easily discernible.  This probably represents the first 
record for Hamilton County and Chicamauga Lake.  While standing at the south 
end of the parking lot we were looking in about a 1:00 o'clock direction across 
the lake.
John Henderson
Hamilton County

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