[TN-Bird] Possible Short-eared Owl?

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 01:32:10 +0000 (UTC)

When talking to my son last night, he asked me which bird flies in the evening, 
is brown and is about the size of an owl "this size"  (hands apart about a foot 
to a foot and a half).  Apparently on Friday, while at the Eagleville High 
School around 730p, two large birds flew through the parking lot.  The birds 
did not glide but did flap their wings several times.  One bird called and then 
the other.  I played various bird sounds for him to see if he recognized 
anything.  When I played a Short-eared Owl, his eyes got big, he leaned forward 
and said that was definitely the sound. 
I have seen Northern Harriers by the Eagleville High School, right at the 
intersection of 99 and Swamp.  Wonder if the birds Sasha seen could have been 
Short-eared Owls?   We drove around the area until dark tonight, but we didn't 
see anything.  (Well, that isn't entirely true.  We did get to see a large 
flock of Sandhill Cranes and also two Greater White-fronted Geese with some 
Canada Geese.) 
I wasn't going to post this since I wasn't there and did not see or hear the 
birds, but since we have enough birders in Rutherford County, I thought maybe 
someone else might be interested in checking the area...just in case they were 
Short-eared Owls.  Let me know if you find one! 
Kristy Baker 
Rockvale, TN 
Rutherford County 

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