[TN-Bird] Re: Possible Immature Goshawk Nashville, TN

  • From: kde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: joshandkarina@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 11:09:24 -0500 (EST)

Hey, Josh.  This looks like an immature Cooper's Hawk.  

Note the outer two tail feathers which are noticeably shorter than the 
rest of the tail when seen from below as in the photo of the bird on 
the fence.  This is a key point for Cooper's and is what gives it the 
rounded tail appearance.  You won't see this on Sharp-shinned or Goshawk 
(unless in molt).  This is a key point which can usually be seen on 
perched birds but doesn't get enough attention in field guides (in my 

Many young Cooper's have a white supercilium (eyebrow)... something 
that also isn't given enough attention in field guides.  So this alone 
is not a clincher for Goshawk.

Also note the reddish coloration coming in on the legs... again
something you won't see on a Goshawk.

Finally, notice how the chest spotting gets smaller as you go down
the belly... another sign for Cooper's.

Dean Edwards
Knoxville, TN

On Tue, 15 Nov 2011, joshandkarina@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Nashville, TN Goshawk
> I have been reading this list for several years now, but this is my first 
> post.  I observed what I believe was an immature Goshawk catch a pigeon in 
> flight yesterday at 1515 hours right next to the Titans football stadium.  
> The hawk took the pigeon to the ground within the construction site next to 
> the pedestrian bridge.  It then flew onto the construction fence, where it 
> rested for a few minutes.  It then made several short flights until it ended 
> up next to an air vent at the bottom of the stadium where it began eating the 
> pigeon alive.  The pigeon continued to flap around and try to get away until 
> his head was finally severed.  I was able to take several pictures of the 
> bird and will attach a couple for confirmation of the identity.  
> Josh
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