[TN-Bird] Possible Anhinga at Fairfield Glade near Crossville, Cumberland County, TN

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 19:08:06 -0400

On Friday, 9/19, I received an email inquiry through the TOS web site
asking for help identifying a bird on one of the small lakes near
Crossville.  Here is part of the description from the original email:
"This morning we were observing the lake when something popped up
through the surface.  It was (OK here comes the descriptive part that is
subjective to what we thought we saw) what appeared to be a very long
bird-like neck (at least a foot long, possibly more) with a head not
much bigger around than the neck and a very long, straight, yellow
dagger-like beak. The body was totally submerged so we can't provide any
details on that. We were amazed that we had not seen it "swim" into
view.  Suddenly it dove (which did not amaze us since we had seen ducks
and other lake birds do this) and amazed us by popping up about ten
seconds later a VERY great distance away. This action was repeated until
it was out of sight allowing me no time to get my binoculars for a
better identification."
I replied back and suggested that the bird was a cormorant, or, somewhat
less likely, an ahninga.  After reviewing pictures of both species on
various web sites, the couple reporting the bird feel fairly certain
that it is an ahninga, because the bird's beak was long, slim, and
sharply pointed - not hooked, on the end.  The couple reporting the bird
was going to try to take pictures of it, but it has apparently not
reappeared since Friday.  The bird was on Lake Canterbury, which is just
off of Peavine Road (TN 101).  See
3789&s=50&size=l&symshow=n&u=0&layer=DRG25 for more location info.

The couple who spotted the bird are DJ and Donna Garrison.  They would
welcome anyone who wants to try to see the bird, and can be contacted by
email at dj.garrison@xxxxxxxx

Chuck Nicholson
Norris, TN

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