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  Victor Stoll and I stopped by a few of the spots in the Pickwick Dam area in 
Hardin County today. 
   Bruton Branch:
   Large Finch flock, including 125 Pine Siskins.
(These were feeding on the gum-balls in the Sweet Gum trees)
   Pickwick Dam had one
   winter bird flock containing;
   3 Brown Creepers
   5 Brown-headed Nuthatch
   12 Pine Warblers
    1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
   4 Golden-crowned Kinglet
   1 Purple Finch.

   We were hoping for some rare gulls or scoters, but there were no scoters and 
only about 25 gulls total. No rare loons. 

Ruben Stoll
Centerville, TN
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